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Maintenance & care tips for washing machine

November 5, 2016
Maintenance & care tips for washing machine

Maintenance & care tips for washing machine

By : Serviceskepper

Home appliances are very useful and helpful in out day to day life. Talking about the washing machine, it is considered one of the most important appliances in our home. It reduces our hand work and also saves time.
For smooth running of the washing machine, you need to maintain it properly so that it will run for a long duration efficiently.

Below are some maintenance and care tips for the smooth running of washing machine:-

Keep checking the hoses of the machine
Keep inspecting your machine’s water hoses to prevent leaks and severe losses. Replace it if you find any wear or tear on it. Use stainless steel hoses for your peace of mind and reliability.

Do not overload you washing machine
Overloaded machines will get imbalanced creating problems in future. Wash as many clothes as its capacity is. Wash rest of clothes in another turn. Use machine in multiple turns to reduce the load.

Keep the machine in label
If the machine is not put in label it will vibrate very badly affecting the efficiency of the machine and ultimately results in the weakening of the machine. So keep the machine’s all four legs in a label and keep it close to the floor.

Cleaning tips for washing machine
If you will not clean your machine after using it, there is a high chance that it gets a very unpleasant smell. A good cleaning of your washing machine is as essential as washing your clothes. Clean all the major parts of the machine thoroughly that are the drum, the filter, and the detergent drawer once in a month.

Use manual
If you are unsure about any functions of your machine please take help from the user guide of the machine and do not let it in the naive hands.

So these are the key points to take care for the proper maintenance of your washing machine.