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Maintenance tips for your refrigerator

June 30, 2017
Maintenance tips for your refrigerator

Maintenance tips for your refrigerator

By : Serviceskepper

The refrigerator is one of the most used appliances in our home and is also the largest consumer of energy. It really works very hard as it runs 24×7 and therefore it deserves proper maintenance and cares to run happily and healthy. The refrigerator needs routine attention and maintenance as it increases the life of fridge and decreases the energy consumption.
Following are the most important tips for the maintenance and care of your fridge:-
Condenser coils should be cleaned every year
Condenser coils play very important role in removing the heat out of the fridge and freezers. It needs to be clean because if it id dirty and full of dust and dirt, it will be hard for the coil to remove the heat. It will also cause problems and costly repairs.

Clean and replace the Rubber door seal whenever required
Gaskets are very important for sealing the fridge and locking the warm air out, preventing it from entering the fridge. Over time this rubber door seal wear and tear and can no longer prevent warm air from entering the fridge resulting in the inefficient working of the fridge. So keep checking the gasket, clean it and replace it if required.

When the inside walls of your fridge are frost with approx one-centimetre thick ice then you should defrost it. Remove all the food item and turn off the thermostat. After all the ice melt, reload the fridge and turn it on.

Clean the interiors
Clean your fridge’s interior regularly to avoid the smell. Wipe it with a cloth and warm water, also clean the spots and spills. Deodorize it by the fridge deodorizer to remove bad smell.
So above are some of the points you should follow to maintain your fridge and increase its efficiency and durability.