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Things to know about AC

November 5, 2016
Things to know about AC

Things to know about AC

By : Serviceskepper

In order to enjoy AC in hot dry summer, you need to maintain it and use it in a proper way. Like any other mechanical system, AC also needs to be handled with care so that it can run smoothly. You can do many things on your own to maintain the proper functioning of your AC.
Below are some most important points to keep in mind for smooth running of AC:-

Change the filters of AC
If your AC is not cooling enough or if you feel like your Ac is not working efficiently, clean the filter of your Ac or replace it, whatever is suitable. Dirty filters kill the efficiency of your AC, also you can clean the outdoor condenser to increase the efficiency if these two do not remedy the problem then call service center.

Fix the Air Leaks
You need to fix air leaks as soon as possible because ducts can lose up to 30% of air through leaks hence cannot cool your space as efficiently as it can. So first you need to find the leaks and then fix it properly. For duct leaks use foil tape to seal the small gaps and for window Unit use foam to seal the gaps.

Thermostat settings
If you watch the thermostat and increase and decrease even 1-2 degree in summer and winter season you will save wear and tear of your Ac.

Don’t make your AC work so hard
If you want to extend the life of your Ac then try to give it some rest. Keep curtains and blinds down during day time and also keep the fan running so that cool air can circulate and temperature of the room will be maintained and AC do not need to work so hard.

Do regular maintenance and servicing
Schedule the cleaning and check of your AC before cooling season starts and make sure to check up for coils and clean condenser, filters, blowers, and fans.
Lubricate motors and bearings and check the refrigerant, pressure and operating temperatures.

So these are some of the points you should keep in mind for the smooth running of your Ac.