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The Ultimate Guide for Painting your Home

May 17, 2017
The Ultimate Guide for Painting your Home

The Ultimate Guide for Painting your Home

By : Serviceskepper

Are you ready to paint your home, but no clues of paint color, preparation, and tools to be used.

This ultimate guide by our experts will help you figure out all your confusions during painting your home.

Follow the below steps to get a quality painting and finishes on your interior as well as exterior walls after painting.

Step 1:

Rub the surface of the wall with a suitable rubbing or abrasive paper and wash it. Ensure that no dirt, grease, wax or any adhering material have remained on the wall. Make the surface clean dry and free from dirt before putting paint.

Step 2:

Apply a coat of primer followed with wall putty to make walls strong and look smooth at the same time.

Step 3:

Now sand the wall surface with the help of emery paper and again wipe it to clean.

Step 4:

Now apply the paint in multiple coats as per the requirements. Now let the wall dry till the wall gets glossy finish.

So, these are the points to follow while painting your walls. These suggestions are from our expert painters who provide painting services to our clients at just one call. You can also book us online, here – http://www.serviceskeeper.com/service/color-your-home/