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Useful tips for regular PC/Laptop user to avoid system issues

June 30, 2017
Useful tips for regular PC/Laptop user to avoid system issues

Useful tips for regular PC/Laptop user to avoid system issues

By : Serviceskepper

These days mostly people work on their PCs or Laptops. So, issue in the system is very common and handling it is also very easy. Don’t let your performance down just because your system is not running well.
Just remember some tips of handling common issues of computer. Below are some tips and tricks that will help you keep your system in your control and performance will not get down because of system problems.
Quick tips for handling general issues in computer:-

  • Give a bit f rest to your computer system: Since we always used to work on computer system and we usually keep it in sleep mode and do not shut it down always. So, if you find that your computer is not performing well or is taking time in getting started, just give is a little rest by shutting it down, unplugging it from everywhere or remove battery if you are using a laptop, this will reset the system and clear the memory. After some time again plug it and start, it will run well.
  • Check to see if your computer has become too hot: check if your computer is too hot, if it is then shut it down, unplug it from everywhere and open CPU for some time. When it cools down, reset it and reinsert plugs.
  • Use built-in diagnostics feature of the computer system: Almost all computers these days comes with a built-in diagnostics feature. Utilize it, it will tell you if there is any specific issues in your system.
  • Try to restore your system by system restore feature: System restore can remove software that might be causing problem. Be patient while doing system restore because it cannot be interrupted neither the changes can be undone.
  • Inspect your hard disk: The best and preventive way to keep your computers performance healthy, do CHKDSK on regular basis to delete the bad sectors from your hard disk.
  • Use a good anti-virus and anti-malware program I your computer to prevent your computer from getting infected from external agents.
  • Try reinstalling your operating system if all above fails. It might help. Remember to backup all your files before doing so.

So, above are some points to check on regular basis to maintain the performance of your computer and not getting suffered due to silly issues in the system.